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Should SEGA Use The Sonic Infinity Engine? – A Fan Made Engine That Gives A Glimpse At A Sonic Game We Deserve!

As a Sonic fan, everyday I dream of a Sonic game that really brings the blue blur back to his true glory. We got a taste of that with Sonic Unleashed, then Sonic Colors  and when Sonic Generation hit the world, we thought they final had it. Then Sonic Forces came outta nowhere like a wrecking ball and destroyed everyone’s faith. So maybe it’s time for SEGA to bring in some young talents to help them out. This is where Sonic Infinity comes in the picture.

Sonic Infinity engine was made by one guy by the name of Ōban, who admitted to not being a Sonic fan and just used the engine to practice game development. Despite that, this guy single handily made an engine that just captures the feel of Sonic. Rough around the edges yes, but just like anything in life, with a little polish you can turn coal in diamond. Or so the saying goes.

I just wanted to highlight just how amazing this engine really is and the potential it has for a sonic game. For a baseless engine, it has more substance that Sonic Forces already mechanics wise, so imagine if a team had their hands on this engine and worked around with. One can only dream. Here’s two videos from the guy highlighting what this Sonic Infinity engine can do. He has stated that the engine isn’t complete and thus couldn’t be used to make any fan games, so hopefully he’ll get the motivation to complete one day.

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One thought on “Should SEGA Use The Sonic Infinity Engine? – A Fan Made Engine That Gives A Glimpse At A Sonic Game We Deserve!

  1. I strongly agree, I’ve been contemplating and dreaming about this a lot. It’s the best sonic engine(of fans and official) I’ve ever played.

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