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Many of you are likely already up-to-date with this game, but after I decided to look into it, Valkyrie of Phantasm, a new aerial battle action game project from Area Zero might be worth keeping an eye out for!

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:

Freely fly through the sky, dodge the barrage of bullets coming your way, and fire spells… A new aerial battle action game project from Area Zero is fully underway!

Using the aerial battle action experience we gained developing Touhou Sky Arena and Magical Battle Arena, we’re progressing the project with the goal of aerial battle action that is more magnificent, beautiful, and fun than ever before.

At first, I thought it was going to be a shooting only game, but there’s some close combat too! The overall feel of Valkyrie of Phantasm has this epic anime final battle vibe to it which I know myself and many others would enjoy, so looking forward to seeing how this game will evolve! If there’s one concern, it would be that I hope it won’t be too “Magic girl” aesthetic! But I wouldn’t hold my breath!

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