Here’s something fun I thought about doing with you guys. I thought I’d share some of the comics/manga I’m currently reading and why I’m reading them in the first place! If some of you all remembered, I decided to stop reading manga for a while as I figured anime would be enough, however as time went on, I changed my mind and have dove into not only manga but webcomics as well. Now, these manga/comics are not in any particular order, it’s just how they came to mind as I made this list, but these are the 15 manga/webcomics I’m reading, and I figured you should too!

Black Clover

Been reading this manga since the Elf arc 9! What I really like about Black Clover is how shonen the series is, but more importantly, how every character is so likable!

My Hero Academia

At first, I wasn’t planning on reading this manga, but after what happened in the anime, I had to catch up! It’s a simple super hero manga, but the good-feel vibe is why I continued to read it. That and the cool fights of course!

Dragon Ball Super

Reading this manga had been a blast so far (aside from that last chapter). I really enjoyed the direction they were taking Goku and Vegeta (again before the last two chapters and how they did Vegeta dirty) and Moro is such a dope villain!

Phantom Seer

Fairly new manga but I relatively have been enjoying my read! If there’s one thing that keeps drawing me back to this manga, it’s the humor! I don’t know, I humor like Phantom Seer get me, that and the horror aspect ain’t too bad!


This is a webtoon comic that really up’s the quality that I’ve seen so far on the platform! The fights are insane, the characters are likable and the overall stakes are always going high! Also, I like how it’s based on a culture commonly not seen in media!

Chainsaw Man

This is hands down the craziest, messed up manga that I’ve read to date, and it’s so good! Read this vile manga if you can, trust me on this, you won’t regret it!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

I’ll keep it real with you, I’m only reading this manga solely because I’m a Naruto fan! I barely watch the anime, and the manga is just good enough to keep me coming back! However, with the way they’ve handled Naruto and especially Sasuke, it’s gonna be interesting to see how the story will unfold!


See, once in a while Webtoon can produce some fire ass content, and this webcomic is no different! Following the cast of students and how they deal in a world where power determines everything is fun, but what really captivated me was watching the main character fall from grace!

Immortal Weakling

A pretty wholesome webtoon comic about a boy wanting to become a hero. What sets this one apart, however, is the fact that this guy has a power that won’t let me grow stronger and he can’t really die! The art is alright and I like the light-theme of heroism!

Iyanu – Child of Wonder

This indie comic is something that I’ve enjoyed reading. It’s an adventure of a young girl on the run, wanting to learn of her mysterious past while fulling her duty as an Agoni! It has this Avatar vibe to it and her powers are pretty cool! Not to mention the art style is nice!

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok

You ever wanted to see a slug-fest between gods vs humans? Yeah, me neither until I picked up this manga! It’s just straight-up fights and it’s over the top crazy! Of course there’s a story as well and it’s pretty good!

Solo Leveling

This webcomic has been a blast to read. Maybe it’s my gamer side talking but there’s something about watching a character grow stronger after every fight that appeals to me, and this webcomic delivers on that front with nice great art style too!

Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms

This comic delivers in all the areas I like, its got a good amount of combat, it’s based in one of my favored historical periods, it’s an adventure following the rise of a boy trained to become a pharaoh, and the characters, for the most part, are likable, especially the four main protagonists!

Omniscient Reader

This webtoon is something I picked up recently and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s the same concept as another webtoon, in which the character gets stronger as time progresses, only this time, he’s aware of how the story will end, which adds a unique twist to it!

Dream Vesper

OK, so this one is a bit of a cheat! Yes, I’ve read it, but as a one-shot in what I assume was a pre-early version of the manga, however, the creator is working on bringing it to life in an all-new form and it’s looking good! So technically I am ‘still’ reading it. I like the concept a lot and the art style is cool!

Project Divider

This one is fairly new, but it holds a lot of promise in my opinion. It’s a webtoon that hosts some of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen. And the story is pretty interesting from what I’ve read! It should be launching sometime this year! Don’t hold me on that!

And there you have it! I was quite surprised by the sheer number. I had no idea I was reading so many works, but when you have to wait weekly/monthly for some of them, you don’t even realise when you start to build a collection. Now, it’s your turn, let me know what comic/manga you’re currently reading, heck maybe there might be some I could add, as you might be able to as well.

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