As one of the most anticipated games in (hopefully) 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has many eyes on it! And for good reasons. It’s promising a unique cyberpunk experience the likes of which we’ve yet to experience, yet despite that, it has also caught a fair share of criticism for its various depictions of characters and themes. Regardless of the many, painful delays, millions of gamers are eager to create their own Cyberpunk character and venture into a world steeped in lore! However, will the game live up to the now ungodly amount of hype, or is CD Projekt Red a one-trick pony?

I say this because despite the ambitious gameplay and content that CD Projekt Red has shown us with Cyberpunk 2077, lets us no forget that they’ve only had one game go big, (and well-deserved too), which is The Witcher 3! Before that, no one hardly knew the name CD Projekt Red! Let’s be real here, if it weren’t for The Witcher 3, I’d wager 80% of you all wouldn’t have gone back to play The Witcher 1 & 2! It was the incredibly polished and rich game that was The Witcher 3, that lead to the world knowing name the of that studio. And now, CD Projekt Red is looking to replicate that success with Cyberpunk 2077!

If I’m being honest, after that last delay, I have greatly reduced my hype for the game! I won’t lie to you, my hype for Cyberpunk 2077 was stupidly high, too high that I’m out here damm near calling it the greatest game to ever drop this year, and that’s without me playing it! With the time that has passed, and the hype growing, I found out that the game I was envisioning Cyberpunk 2077 to be, is completely different than what the game is going to be! I had to temper my hype, both for my sake and because of my concern with these delays! I fear that the rest of the fanbase might be doing the opposite! I say this because, if you go online, you’ll quickly realize that the game has cultivated a”cult” following already, fans who would die defending any “wrongs” or worrying signs the game might present. If this game doesn’t live up to at least 60% of the hype generated over the past eight years, then well, all hell will break loose. We might have ourselves a “No Man’s Sky” catastrophe on our hands! What do you think? Will Cyberpunk 2077 live up to our accumulated hype?

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