I’ve personally have been waiting for Cannon Busters to air on Netflix for a long ass time and now the first season is out, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.

To give you a brief summary:

Cannon Busters is an American fantasy comic book series by LeSean Thomas. It follow a young girl named S.A.M., who’s on a quest to save her best friend, Prince Kelby. In order to succeed on mission, she enlisted the help of Casey Turnbuckle is an out-dated, spunky grease-monkey repair robot, looking for an upgrade and Philly the Kid, Philly the Kid, a wanted, immortal fugitive who’s forgotten his motive in life . From there, their adventure begins.

Since I binge-watched the whole season, I have to say, I really enjoyed this anime. The visuals are amazing and the story was pretty good. The animation for Cannon Buster was pretty good, nothing too crazy but enough to please the eyes. The OST was probably the best part of the anime. Especially the end credit OST, let to play out when you’re done with the season, that OST hits hard.

It was very easy to like all three of the guy’s personalities and it made their interactions together as they slowly but surely became friends, which made it all the more fun to watch. I really enjoyed the way they told the backstories of each of the characters without it feeling like a chore or a waste of time. By the time the backstories came about, I was already willing to learn more about them. The lore of Cannon Buster was an interesting one, with learning that magic was basically outlawed into extinction, only to find out that it’s still alive and in fact merged with technology. It’s not the most original concept certainly but Cannon Buster made it pretty interesting at the very least.

The humor in this anime was alright. There were only a few moments where I genuinely laughed. I also really enjoyed seeing the land of Gearbolt, and seeing all the crazy types of people that inhabit it. My favorite aspect from Cannon Buster is watching the guys as they traverse the land on that oversized Cadillac Eldorado that transforms into a sentient, giant robot. I mean, it took me a minute to realize that the Cadillac was that huge, after that it became amusing to me.AAAABbI6ycWHfj30LUiYF65ChME76yfSgVq4X0X64xlyUTO4bBzQ3TGVckpVS2YT_QNBMl9OY9CVsV997rz1UqCodUUEhT53-kxJ2g

Now the main villain, in my opinion, was pretty lackluster. I won’t get into the details for the most part but I felt that every minor villain that showed up was more interesting than the big guy that’s pulling the strings. Of course, there is a mystery that shrouds The magician but I guess we will learn that in season 2. I was surprised however by how gruesome Cannon Busters was as I watched it. I liked how it had the right balance of fun, wholesome moments and epic, gruesome fights which resulted in the many deaths of Philly.

They also introduced a drunken swordsman by the name of 9nine who for a brief moment in the anime showed off some pretty dope ass sword fights scene. I wanted to see more of this guy but he didn’t get the chance to show it off. S.A.M.’s fight other hand were interesting to watch, her powers only activating when a friends are in danger. The fact that she takes on varies powers in that form was pretty cool to see, which makes me even more interested to see what the other Cannon Buster are like if they decide to show them in Season 2

Even though that little repair bot ended up growing on me, S.A.M. quirky personality and her insistence on making friends with everyone despite her better judgment was endearing. At first, I thought that quirk of hers was going to get annoying quick, but I ended up liking that aspect of hers.

Overall, I have to say Cannon Buster is well worth the watch. It has this charm to it that I feel many will find enjoyable. I definitely would like to see a season 2 that explores more about the world of Gearbolt and the reason why magic was forbidden. Hopefully, we’ll also get more action scenes, especially from 9ine and SAM.

Netflix’s Cannon Busters Season 1 Review – A Great Wholesome Story About Friendship!
6.5 / 10 Reviewer
I have to say Cannon Buster is well worth the watch. It has this charm to it that I feel many will find enjoyable.
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