It’s been a long, and I mean, A LONG ASS TIME since I’ve been interested in a Need for Speed game, but this new installment, Need for Speed: Heat might actually be some…heat!

Look, I know we all want Underground 3, shit, I’d like to relive my childhood from the Underground 2 days too but we’ve gotta move on and accept the grim reality that the old days are behind us. That been said, Need for Speed: Heat actually gave me a small, glimmer of that childhood vibe watching that trailer. There was a lot shown in that trailer that could potentially be fun if executed correctly. Then again, this is EA we’re talking about here so we might as well prepare for the mass influx of microtransactions, especially if you want your car to go faster that 25mph.

Joking aside, it does look promising, the only piece advise I’d give EA is to move the release date. There’s no way this game will survive if it releases on the same day as Death Stranding, just saying. From what has been released, Heat will have two series of modes.

According to Polygon:

There is a sanctioned daytime competition called the Speedhunters Showdown, where they earn money to buy and customize a fleet of cars. At night, they are working for a kind of currency called Rep in an underground racing series, where corrupt cops can bust you and, through the magic of civil asset forfeiture, take your money.

Need for Speed Heat launches Nov. 8 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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