Things are really starting to get interesting in Dr. STONE Episode 7 as Senku finally gets to Kohaku’s village as he meets up with the locals.

Alright, I won’t lie here, the pacing for this week’s episode felt off. It really felt like not a lot of stuff happened in the span of 23 minutes. The interaction between Senku and Kohaku was fun to watch but after that not much actually happened plot wise. Senku meet up with Chrome was also fun to see. The stark contrast in intelligence between the two was too clear but Chrome is smart in his own right and is taking the next step in science. Even though he calls himself a sorcerer, his method’s still grounded in science. It’s clear that Chrome is going to become Senku’s apprentice, which should yield to some interesting results. However, what did strike me as odd was just how easily he believed Senku when he told him about the green ray and what happened over 4000 years ago.


I mean, I know he’s smart, but to just believe a guy that tells you about the past human civilizations and scientific achievement like that seemed odd. I guess seeing all those petrified human bodies was enough for him to believe Senku. Although, through Chrome did it hit me that humanity did lose a massive big deal and the ramification of it all result in the lose of everything that took two million years to build. Chrome immediately understood that, which also highlights how intelligence he is as a person.

Overall, nothing really of substance happened in the episode so I guess we will have to wait till next week to see how they’ll go about making that antibiotic for Kohaku’s elder sister. I will say that I am liking both Kohaku and Chrome’s personality so far, and I feel like Senku might learn a lot from them, despite his genius.

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