You know, everyone keeps calling Arthur an idiot, and I’m over here thinking “damm, why are you all so damm harsh on the boy“, then he goes and forgets which hand he wields his sword and I finally understand why. Aside from that, Fire Force Episode 5 finally got things going with the 8th invading the 5th hideout in order to get the illegal research they’ve been doing.

You know what, I’ll give Arthur the benefit of the doubt and assume he knows what he’s doing. Like he’s pretending to be dumb to get people to let their guard down or something. I refuse to believe that this guy can be this dumb. Although it would make for a nice twist on things, with the rival being the dumb one for once. Anyways, Shinra  disturbs Iris’s purification rite, and sees that she is troubled.


We got to learn a little bit more about Iris and her past and it seems that herself and the captain of the 5th company went to the same church. So Iris had then secretly slipped away to confront her old friend Hibana, only to get used as bait. I wonder what led Hibana to abandoned her old ways and end up like that. She does sound like she’s learned something hat has changed her perspective to life and the infernals.

Interesting enough, we also learned a bit more about Takehisa’s ability. The fact that he’s able to control individual bullets with high precision very impressive. The fight with that bubble guy highlight some potential of his fighting abilities.

Arthur’s fight with the infernal was pretty clean once he got the sword in the right hand. Overall, this episode mostly gave a bit more insight to the world of Fire Force, some back-lore to Iris and they dynamic between the companies.

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