So it seems that there were some humans who’ve awoken much early than we initially thought. Dr. STONE Episode 6 bring us one of this character called Kohaku.

So after Senku finally revives from his supposed coma, he comes up with a plan to infiltrate Tsukasa’s empire. He tells Yuzuriha of this plan but leaves out specific details from Taiju, possibly fearing that he might accidentally reveal their plan. Now what’s interesting here is that this plan isn’t a short-term plan, but rather one that will requires years of earning Tsukasa’s trust, meaning that chances are they may not going to see each other for long ass time. So it’s going to be really interesting to see how both these guys will act in the presences of someone like Tsukasa. I don’t see Taiju being an issue as he doesn convey many faces that can lead someone to suspect them, Yuzuriha on the other hand might crack on the pressure or slip up. I don’t know why but that;s how I feel about it.


Kohaku made her appearance in this episode and the first thing she does is attack Tsukasa, because she saw what he did at the mountain. As it turns out, Kohaku is one of the possible many people who’ve actually lived in the 3,700 year period. What I mean is that she was born into this new world so a lot of the stuff she saw was basically magic to her. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of her tribe will react when they see what Senku is capable of with science. So this episode pretty much set up a possible war arc in the near future, kinda like an Athens vs Sparta type of deal. Well, that’s what I took from this episode anyways. Well, Kokaku has already taken a liking to Senku so you know the ship community is are hard at work creating fanfics of this.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of empires these two will be able to create.


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