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Fire Force Episode 20 – Wearing His Pride Review

Alright, things are heating up as Company 8 continues to face off against the Evangelist. Hinawa comes upon an abandoned subway station, where he gets into a shootout with Arrow. Right after that. Arthur and Mirage find themselves in a rematch, as Arthur gets the chance to put the training he received from Benimaru and Konro to the test.

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Fire Force Episode 19 – Into the Nether Review

Sorry for the late review, I’ve…shit I won’t lie, I just haven’t been motivated for a bit. However, we’re here now so let’s get right into it shall we? Fire Force Episode 19 – Into the Nether starts off with Licht’s analysis of the attack on Vulcan’s workshop, which revealed that the Evangelist’s men have been in the “Nether,” the area beneath Tokyo. 

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Fire Force Episode 17 – Black and White and Gray Review

So I guess I was wrong then, it seems the item was in fact hidden inside that toy thing that Vulcan crated to show off all those animals that went extinct. Not exactly the best place to hid some of that value. Aside from that, the introduction of Sho and seeing his abilities in Fire Force Episode 17 was really dope.