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Techland has come out and stated that in order to 100% the game, it will take you approx. 500 hours. It sounds great on paper, but how many of those hours are filled up with bloated repetitive missions? And how many of those missions affect the world in a meaningful way?

Reactions are varied as expected. While hardcore fans of the first game are excited, others are saying they may skip a game if it takes more than 40 plus hours to complete the main story. Times have changed and with our attention span decreasing daily, it’s no wonder that news like this is now met with a divided response. For me, I don’t mind a game that takes 500 hours to complete, (I don’t plan on spending that long in the game anyway) so long as half of those time spent on those missions impacts the world in some considerable way.

Dying Light 2 is a game that has been touted with choices and consequences, and your actions shape the future of The City. So I do hope it will all be worth the grind in the end. I personally enjoyed the first game so I’m looking forward to playing the second one.


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