Yusaku Sakaishi’s Jinmyaku Cheat de Hajimeru Hitomakase Eiyūtan (A Heroic Legend Where Everyone Else Does the Work and Starts With a Social Relations Cheat) light novels is getting a manga adaptation that will launch on January 27.

According to the synopsis:

A youth net who has mastered a weapon called personal connections and has made a leap behind numerous world-class achievements. However, one day, he was judged to be a selfish king and was banished from the hero party. The net that decided to start an adventurer from scratch. However, his adventurer life, which is loved and connected by everyone from the knight captain to the mermaid princess, is naturally out of the standard. “Should I get help from the Wisdom King and the Great Sage to find this person?” On the other hand, the king will know. The hero party has the ability, but it is full of ridiculous problem children, and it was the net that controlled it …. In this way, a new story will open in which a hero whose motto is the other power application will change the world from the back.

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