As someone who didn’t play Death Stranding as I thought it looked like a walking simulator (my mind is slightly changing on that with the Directors cut), I’m quite surprised to find myself kinda expected to play as a feline character. We got a look at the gameplay for STRAY, a third-person car adventure set in a neon-lit alley!

In this video, Game Producer Swann talks about the world of Stray, as well as what to expect with gameplay and characters you’ll come across as a cat. Coming early 2022 to PS5 and PS4.

Lost, alone and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city. Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set amidst the detailed neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Roam surroundings high and low, defend against unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by nothing but unassuming droids and dangerous creatures. See the world through the eyes of a stray and interact with the environment in playful ways. Be stealthy, nimble, silly, and sometimes as annoying as possible with the strange inhabitants of this foreign world. Along the way, the cat befriends a small flying drone, known only as B12. With the help of this newfound companion, the duo try to find a way out. Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio, a small team from south of France mostly made of cats and a handful of humans.

You’d think that I wouldn’t be interested in this game but for me, STRAY gives off a different vibe than what Death Stranding did! For me, the world in STRAY feels alive, yet not at the same time. There’s a reason to want to explore these neon alleys. Plus, you play as a cat and for some reason playing a non-human in any game is usually kinda fun. We’ll see, hope the length of the game isn’t anything less than 6 hours!

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