With everything that has been allegedly exposed about Activision Blizzard, it will forever tarnish the image of that company. Every day, we learn more and more allegedly disgusting behavior and harassment from a company that touted itself as a woke, inclusive, and diverse! Maybe now, people will stop holding these types of companies as the voice of reason.

As the investigation continues, CEO Bobby Kotick issuing a letter addressing the suit, and the concerns of employees, we have to shift our mindset and start accepting that every “woke” statement issued by any company at this stage, from the tweets, icons on pfp, whatever it is, is utter garbage and meaningless. All they want is your time and money and they will say and do whatever is currently trending to achieve that goal. Think about it, the women who’ve been working at Activision Blizzard had to endure all that alleged bullshit while Activision Blizzard made all that progressive statements over the years. Madness!

This means asking companies to “speak out”, too is useless! All it does is pander to people in the most dishonest way possible. I don’t mean to be this pessimistic, I’m sure somewhere among the seas of lies, there are companies ( and the people within) who mean what they say and act on it but, trust me, these larger corporations are just in it for the money. Which is fine! My problem isn’t that they want money, the problem is the lies that they spew to get it. Of course, it goes without saying that I hope there’s punishment

Yeah, I just wanted to vent a little. A lot of people who work at Activision Blizzard are going through it right now because the leaders refused to lead by example. First, we had Ubisoft and their bullshit, and now this! Both companies spewing hypocrisy and standing on some moral high ground, while in Activision’s case nurturing an alleged disgusting culture. You hate to see it!

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