I took some time to think about the Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo’s latest console. I’ve seen some outlets try and look at this hardware in a positive light. However, I can’t! I’ve never been so disappointed at something Nintendo released since the Wii U.

A Lan port and an OLED, that’s it? For $350 a pop? Nah, I’m hoping, praying that this is just something to scam Nintendo fanboys while they’re working on the real 4K device. Otherwise, this is really disappointing. You’ve got Pokemon Arceus about lag to kingdom come, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity out here lagging, but noooo, let’s give folk an OLED screen instead. They didn’t even make the resolution 1080p, why though?

I’m seeing people say “the Switch does not need to be fixed”, I absolutely DO NOT AGREE WITH IT. I’m not saying change it completely but for the love of God, improve on it. I really want to upgrade my Switch but this OLED ain’t it. This switch honestly is for people who have yet to buy a switch. I can’t see any reason, yes any reason, for anyone to upgrade to this OLED switch, but I’m not your father so I can’t tell you what to do. I just had to speak on my mind on this.

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