So, in a “big spoiler” situation, could Hunter B-15 be a Loki! The official Marvel Canada Twitter account tweeted an interesting tweet about Loki variants.

Now, this is something that I, and many others weren’t expecting. A recent tweet from Marvel Studios Canada implies that a character who has consistently appeared since Episode 1 is another Loki variant.

Whether this was a big oopsi or not remains to be seen, however, I do want to talk about it if it ends up being true and what that does to the story. Hunter B-15 being a Loki kinda makes no sense, seeing that from the narrative standpoint, Loki’s are often dealt with by the TSA immediately. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Loki’s variants. One was enough at first but after the other three were introduced, it was starting to get a bit iffy. If she truly was a Loki, Sylvie should have seen it during her enchantment so why was this kept a secret from us? I’m very interested and concerned to see how they’ll play this. I hope this doesn’t turn into an asspull.

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