Out of all the comics that have come out, this was the one I was most interested in reading. Static Shock is one of my favorite heroes so I wanted to see how they’d modernize him for modern times. All I can say is, if you’re expecting the cartoon version of him, prepare to be disappointed as this version of Static is an all-new iteration.

Many of the outlets that will review this first issue will likely focus on the BLM message and Static eventual leadership of the BLM movement in his hometown. It’s to be expected, the cover page basically gives it away. I thought about why him being part of BLM bothered me so much, and I guess it’s probably the idea of a hero being kinda bias in his heroship if that makes sense. Look at it this way, if Static is to be the pseudo leader of BLM OR AT LEAST THE FACE OF IT, would his enemies not be cops (white cops at that)? Yeah, they’ll say it’s everyone vs bad cops but the first chapter literally showed white cops up against Black teens.

Virgil going to a rally is not out of character, Virgil fighting corruption and evil is not out of character, but it’s how they’ll execute it that will be the problem.

You know what, I’m not going to touch on that too much just yet. Instead, I want to look at how Static, aka Virgil, is been portrayed. It seems that they’re going for the “inner anger” angle this time. The internal and external consequences wrought by the event of the Big Bang and how even if you survive it, it can have a lasting effect is where I think they’re going with this arc. They want to show us that people can change from witnessing injustice on a daily basis.

Seeing Virgil mop around, all angry took me by surprise. I’ll admit if executed correctly could prove to be fruitful but we’ll have to wait and see. Now, in terms of people not finding out that he’s the one who fried Francis made no sense, in the previous chapter Milestone Returns Zero, it was shown that a student literally yelled out his name. So how that star football player got the credit for it made no sense to me. Also, Richard and Frieda weren’t even there during the incident in that last issue so how they saw it is beyond me.

Aside from those potholes (in my opinion) showing a more psychological take on the effects of the Big Bang might be interesting. I do hope that we’ll see him become the charismatic hero we’ve all come to know! For Hotstreak aka Francis, look they better give a legit reason as to why this guy is acting the way that he is, I mean I get that he’s supposed to be the classic bully but I have no idea why this man is tripping this hard. His design is cool though, I’ll give him that but I’ll need more than that.

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