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So this game is pretty interesting. Sally, a game about kids having to maintain a flying ship. And Grandma’s to guide them.

Sally is at the intersection of role playing and life simulation games. You play as a child who, along with other children, recently took command of a flying ship and use it to carry travelers across the world.

In Sally, you embark on a flying transport ship to guide passengers to their destination. To ensure the ship’s success, you’ll have to craft items, produce food, take care of other crewmates, maintain the ship and discover new ways to improve the travel experience. Inspired by Ghibli’s aesthetics and Stardew Valley’s playability, this game innovates by deepening interactions with NPC’s. The other crewmates’ decision-making is affected by events, relationships, emotions and personality.


  • Create your own unique character and play the way you want
  • Explore the Sally, a beautifully crafted ship inspired by Ghibli aesthetics
  • Befriend the crewmates by understanding their personalities
  • Accomplish a myriad of different tasks to keep the ship afloat
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