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I Was Wrong! E3 Is Very Much Still Needed!

Despite Geoff Keighley efforts to replace E3 with Summer Game Fest, I have to admit, it’s just not the same like having a whole week, dedicated to just gaming like E3! Without the conferences, the events, the hype from gamers recording their time on the floor, the crowds reaction and everything in-between, it just isn’t the same!

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Death Stranding – The More We See, The Less It Reveals!

If there’s one game, one company, one man that can get away with surrounding their game project in surreal mystery and still get people excited for it, it’s Death Stranding! Kojima’s next mega title is probably the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen, and I don’t know what to make of it.

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So The Specs For The PS5 Has Come Out & It’s Quite Impressive…If You Don’t Own A High-End PC!

Listen, as a PC owner it’s quite difficult for me to get truly hyped for a next gen console, especially when I know that my PC is already two generations ahead. Still, I’m still excited to see what PS exclusives will take advantage of this new powerhouse system.