Insula: Bounty Royale, is the first-ever arena shooter built atop some of the more popular battle royale mechanics, to fully intertwine a compelling and adrenaline-filled story with the competitive PvP arena gameplay.

Personally, I’m not the biggest battle royale fan, with Naraka: Bladepoint being one of the only games of this genre I enjoyed, but Insula: Bounty Royale looked pretty interesting as it reminded of Anthem but in Battle Royale form.

In Insula: Bounty Royale, you play as an Anthrotech, ex-military combat engineers specially trained in building and maintaining the Drakonis Anthro combat machines known as Anthrobots. Recently awoken from stasis and apparently stranded on what used to be a thriving mining colony in the atmosphere above Genesis, you must survive long enough to find out what happened and find a way home.

    • Customize your anthrobots & exosuits with a vast array of armor. Build them big and beefy or light and nimble; it’s your style! And of course, no brand is complete without customizable paint jobs, logos, and programmed battle taunts!
    • Customization and play style are essential, you can customize your combat just as you customize your armor and drones. Lay waste to your opposition with lightning-fast strikes from small dual wield energy blades, wreak havoc with the wide arcing swings of your polearm, or pound them into scrap with devastating blows from massive rocket hammers.
    • Once you’ve built your dream battle rig, finish it off by adding the perfect companion drone. They’ll provide data recording, scan analysis, and resource extraction. They also offer specific skills to use during combat. Armor repair, energy shields, advanced tracking, recon, and even stealth, pick one that’s right for you!
    • You’re not just fighting for bragging rights. Bounties are the heart and soul of Insula: Bounty Royale. Each opponent has a bounty on their head. Putting them in the ground means creds in your pocket and upgrades! Upgrade your base, bot, & your lifestyle! Be mindful of your notoriety, though. The more you take, the more you’re worth, and the more others will want to add you to their trophy list!
    • Our arena designs are unique, they span massive spaces with just as much verticality as horizontal space. But don’t fret, every combatant has their very own fully customizable flight rig! Combat is designed with fast-paced, acrobatic aerial maneuvering in mind!

From the screenshot I’ve seen, on top of some of the gameplay I have seen from streamers, the game looks interesting but I need to see more. For now, we have this to judge the potential.

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