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So, I’ve seen this game yesterday and honestly didn’t pay much attention to it, however, once I learned that the development team “Singularity 8”, had ex-Blizzard and Riot Games employees, I decided to look deeper into Palia!

Palia is a massively multiplayer online community sim game set in a high fantasy world. With robust online multiplayer features and a 3rd person perspective that adds a new layer of depth to the sim genre, Palia gives players a deep community experience in a vibrant living world.

As players live a cozy fantasy life, they decide how they fit in, what they want to do, and how they want to play.

Usually, I’m not really into these types of games. I got nothing against games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley but knowing that some reputable names are tied to this game, it got my interest. Plus, they say that Palia has combat so I can fight if I chose to which is great. Looking forward to seeing more about this game!

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