Yeah, this was long overdue to be honest! WandaVision was a Disney series that I initially wasn’t going to watch with the way that they advertise it. However I’m glad that I did because it was one hell of a trip!

Wandavision’s first episode started out wacky! It was just Wanda and Vision, in this 1950’s sitcom environment, being goofy yet by the end of it, it’s clear that all was not as it seemed. That alone was the hook that kept me going. Not knowing what was real and what was fiction, and the mystery of realizing that even Wanda began to lose grip of reality was likely one of the most gratifying aspects of the series. WandaVision used those sitcom mechanics to deliver a captivating exploration of grief & gave us a glimpse into Wanda’s life after Endgame, not to mention a better understanding of her powers, and the extent of the trauma she felt.

Each episode forwarded us a decade into television history, with the phases mirroring Wanda coming to terms with Vision’s death! Truthfully, learning more about Wanda was something I didn’t think I’d enjoy seeing as I didn’t care much for her in the cinematic universe. The series fleshed her out well and set her up to be a powerful force in the coming phases of the MCU! Vision too was a surprise as I have all but forgotten his existence in the MCU, but the Wandavision series actually made me care! However, that mystery soon started waning, when the clues became all too obvious. It was a fun ride but I mean, you’d have to not purposely pay attention to see the hints that it basically threw at you! I guess all those fun homages were meant to distract us!

But honestly, that was a minor issue! I personally felt that it executed its experimental story-telling quite well. It ended up being its strong point!

WandaVision Review: A Captivating Mystery Series!
8 / 10 Reviewer
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