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It Seems Artemis Fowl Movie Is A Massive Departure From The Source Material!

Artemis Fowl, a series about an anti-hero boy genius has been warped by Hollywood into something entirely different than the source material, once again bringing up the question as to why it’s so difficult for Hollywood to just be faithful to the source material.

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Disney+ Going With The Weekly Basis Is A Much Better & Smarter Option Than Netflix’s Binge Option!

So I’ve seen talks and argument about Disney’s option of going with the weekly basis strategy. I don’t think people understand that this is actually a better, and quite frankly a smarter option than what Netflix is doing from a business point of view.

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This Disney/Sony Deal Over Spider-Man Is Very Interesting & JC Lee Speaks Out In Support For Sony!

So the world of movie comics is in a bit of shook over the whole Disney/Sony ordeal, with most of the fans blaming Sony for being greedy. However, like all things in life, not everything is as black and white as they want you to think!