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For the longest time, since time immemorial, Pokemon fans have yearned for the remake of the beloved Diamond and Pearl games, and at last, we got it. Although I’ll admit, it’s far from what I would like to have seen, it does stay close to the source material while bringing some freshness to the table. Yet, it does beg the question if Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl should be considered “remakes”!

One fan, @millenniumloops on Twitter felt like this was not what he/she wanted, went and redid the reveal trailer, and you’d be hard-pressed to not feel some type of way. Now whether it’s possible for the current Nintendo Switch to run a game like this is yet to be known, however, with games like Genshin Impact showing us the way, it’s too far out of the realms of possibility if optimized correctly. Then again, we are getting a Switch Pro so there’s always a chance.

We are a step closer with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but one has to wonder when GameFreak will finally take it to the next level and truly dive into a full blown 3D, well-detailed open world Pokemon experience.

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