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So, we got the release day for Netflix’s Yasuke, premiering on April 29 worldwide on Netflix. The anime will have six episodes and, is based on a historical figure. So if you’re a fan of Vinland Saga, then Yasuke will be right up your alley!

One of the main reasons why I’m excited about this anime is simply because of Yasuke! I’ve always heard about this African samurai but never seen movies, comics, or TV shows made of him, so to see a historical figure be featured in an anime of this magnitude is dope for all of us and it also will be interesting to see how an African communicated with the Japanese in those ancient times. Secondly, MAPPA is animating this show so you know the fights are going to be awesome, and if it’s anything close to Vinland Saga then we’re in for a treat.

I am a bit curious though about how MAPPA is doing. With all the projects they’re managing: Chainsaw Man, Attack On Titan, and Jujutsu Kaisen, these guy’s got their hands full, so I do hope it does not impact their quality and productivity, and of course the health of its employees. From the look of the screenshot, it looks sharp so I hope that translates well into animation. Very hyped for this Yasuke Anime!

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