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Blue Fire – A Sharp Platformer Where You Travel Through The Perished World Of Penumbra!

One thing I like about this era of gaming is that we keep getting all these new forms of gaming like Blue Fire in a time of back to back remakes (not that I’m hating, still waiting on that Sonic Adventure remake), and this game is no exception.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Is Going To Sell Well, Despite The Criticism About Its Reused Animation & Low Pokemon Count!

I’ve seen a lot of hate, or at the very least, annoyance when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Every time they post a new update for the game, you’ll always find someone complaining about something. These complaints are all fair for the most part, but the thing that strikes me as funny is that, this game will still be consumed by the very same people who complain about Pokemon Sword & Shield and do really well, sales wises.