We haven’t highlighted an indie game for quite some time now, and so the spotlight goes to what I believe might be a fun pass time if executed correctly. Smash Legends: A Player-versus-Player Multiplayer Action Game For PC, iOS, & Android which is scheduled for Q1 2021!

LINE Games Corporation announced that it’s Multiplayer Action PvP SMASH LEGENDS, developed by 5minlab and to be published by LINE Games, will soft launch in 2021 1Q. SMASH LEGENDS is an action game that involves 3-minute battles in an arena with multiple players.
Smash Legends itself is a 3v3 or 2v2. The aim of each game is to knock your opponents off the stage, as you would in a game like Super Smash Bros. The further you launch them across the map, the higher the chance they won’t be able to recover.

Unlike Super Smash Bros, however, the game is played out from a 3D perspective. There will be six playable characters to choose from and various modes in the CGT. This includes 3v3 Team Deathmatch and Capture Point, both of which are pretty self-explanatory. It looks fun from what I got to see of it but what really drew me to the game was the character designs. Oftentimes, other games in this genre tend to host a roster of pretty lame looking characters, in my opinion anyway, and this was the first time that I looked at a “smash-like” game’s roster and thought “oh, they look cool”! That alone was worth looking into Smash Legends.

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