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Project Babel – A New Mobile RPG That Honestly Looks Pretty Interesting!

When it comes to mobile games, it is undeniable that they’ve come a long way! 2018 saw the mobile games scene explode, and demonstrated that you can have great “console-like” experience in the palm of you hand. And it looks like the trend is continuing on strong with a new mobile game called Project Babel.

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Dragalia Lost – An Action RPG Mobile Gacha Developed & Published By Nintendo: FIRST IMPRESSION!

The internet is at buzz with Nintendo’s newest addition to the Mobile library titled Dragalia Lost. Heck, I wouldn’t even have been aware of this game’s existence at all if it wasn’t for Twitter and YouTube. So I decided to check it out myself and see what the buzz is all about.

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BLEACH: Brave Souls Is A Really Fun And Addictive Mobile Game [REVIEW]

Over the weekend, a mobile game called Bleach: Brave Souls arrived on both iOS and Android and upon hearing good things about it on Twitter (BTW, follow me on Twitter) I decided to try out the game myself and to my surprise, I ended up playing it a lot more than I originally planned and I enjoyed it a lot…