That’s the question many people are starting to ask after Attack on titan season 4 episode 65 aired, which to be frank is one hell of a question to ask! Let’s look into it!

The community has started a discussion over the latest Attack on Titan episodes, as it apparently did not meet their expectation for how they wanted it to be animated. And can you blame them? We’ve only know greatness up to this point so fans now expect that kind of quality for its finale. As many of you may or may not know the series had a studio swap, and it’s all thanks because management was demanding an unrealistic timeframe to animate the series from WIT Studio, and no other studio wanted to put itself under that kind of stress. Fortunately, MAPPA, the studio currently animating the series, decided to take up the challenge. However, they too are starting to understand why WIT studio declined the offer. If it weren’t for them, the series may have even been canceled for a long time.

Is the final season as great as it’s predecessors? No, but it’s still a very enjoyable experience. To ask if Mappa is ruining the anime is an unfair and frankly entitled question to ask, without proper context to back it up. For you see, if people knew that Mappa was not responsible for the time management of the series, then they’d realize that the blame on Mappa for the quality of the animation does not fall on them. Furthermore, harassing people for any reason is asinine in itself and speaks volumes of their character.

Look, yeah I’m not going to pretend that this season’s animation was the greatest, but to be fair it’s not as atrocious as The Seven Deadly Sins.

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