So Ninja is once again on hot waters as he shares his thoughts on whether or not he is responsible for educating his viewers about racism and White Privilege. Truth be told, he slightly has a point.

Ninja, like any person with a considerable amount of clout, has an unspoken responsibility to act in a manner that does not encourage bad behavior in any society. However, it is actually in fairness not his responsibility as an entertainer to discuss anything he does not want to discuss. So long as he doesn’t act in a way or encourage any bad behavior that can bring harm to someone, he is basically within his right to avoid certain topics he may feel uncomfortable or unsure to talk about.

Ninja is right, that responsibility actually does falls to the parent, guardian, or maybe even a teacher in some cases of the child to sit them down and talk to them about these types of things. The reaction of people hearing him say that shows how we’ve somehow relegated such an important task to entertainers who, to be honest, should not be the moral compass for children at a young age. This means monitoring what your child is watching also falls on the parent too!

There isn’t much else to say about this topic. He has a responsibility to act in a mannerable way, yet he is not required to discuss anything he feels is not his job to do so! Not only that, but Ninja is also his brand, and his brand is his business. That means he would want to avoid any unnecessary thing that could jeopardize his earning. It is what it is my friends.

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