So as we’re ever closer to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the thoughtest decision you’ll ever make starts at the very beginning of the game, the Lifepath! Many times have CD Projekt Red told us that the Lifepath will impact how your narrative will be told so it’s something that you have to put some thought towards for your first playthrough. But what if I told you that the answer is much simpler than you think, especially if you’re planning on replaying the game again.

There are three paths in the game as you know, Street kid, Nomad, or Corpo-Rat! Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll start in the appropriate area and begin your journey towards (through) NightCity. However, if you’re a roleplayer, the choice couldn’t be simpler. Let me break it down for you.

Nomad > Street Kid > Corpo-Rat!

Hear me out! You could play it this way, your first playthrough should be a Nomad. From that perspective, your character V, and you as the player are both entering the city for the first time. Chances are you’ll get more dialogue from people in the city lowkey giving you lore that they assume an outsider like you wouldn’t know about their home. The second playthrough should be with the Street-Kid playthrough lifepath. At this point, you already familiar with the streets and know just enough to get by and not get caught in traps and scams. The last playthrough would be Corpo-Rat! At this point, you know all that you need to know about Night City and how to manipulate people for your own gain, and you’d have more powerful connections.

Heck, you can take it a step further if you really like to roleplay! You could assume that each playthrough, using the same format, is a family generation of your character. The Nomad Grandparent looking for a better opportunity in the city, the offspring, now a Street Kid trying to pick up from where their parent left them off, and now the grandchild, making it big as a Corpo-Rat but forgets where he/she came from! This game offers a plethora of ways to play the game, but this I believe is the safest bet in my opinion. So, which path will you choose, let me know in the comments!

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