Once again I have stumbled upon what I believe is a hidden gem on the Webtoon platform that I know you guys will enjoy. Ordeal, a manga style web-comic on webtoons that has some of the most hype fights and powers I have ever seen, tied neatly with some amazing visuals.

Heres the synopsis:

Humans are ok…. But Kimyos are way better. Kimyo: A Human born with an extra ordinary ‘ability’ that surpasses natural evolution. A.K.A. a Talent. After the murder off his master, Che is mysteriously passed a power / talent called Illios, the embodiment of the sun itself. Che now hunts his teachers murders and learns the world of talents is much bigger than he and his friends think. While A dark presence watches their every move.

This webcomic is one of the most high-quality stuff I’ve come across on webtoons. The story is very engaging but it was the over the moon fights and powers that cemented it for me. The main character Che is a pretty dope character to follow and his characterization was handled really well. Coupled with the amazing artstyle, this is one toon you really gotta check out. I like how it draws from carious mythos to explain their powers, yet taking a unique twist to it! Definitely read Ordeal now!

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