I didn’t get a chance to talk about Inside Xbox after they promised to show us gameplay running from the Xbox Series X! The press itself wasn’t bad however, they didn’t show anything that would remotely convince anyone to pick up a new Series X console.

Out of all the games, they showed, not one had actual gameplay that demonstrated why anyone would buy an Xbox Series X. In fact, I talked about this every concern in a blog about what they needed to do, Inside Xbox 2020, was not it! One of the reasons why I like Nintendo Directs is because they tell you exactly what they’re about to show you, so you can form a reasonable expectation. Meanwhile, we get bamboozled by Microsoft’s idea of “gameplay”!


So far I’m not impressed with what I saw! I know these where third-party games but still, not a great way to showcase your new console. Heck, a perfect wat to showcase your new console is to take a note from how Horizon Zero Dawn was first introduced to us. They showed ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, that is what we gamers want! Lets hope June/July brings better directs!

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