With the next generation soon upon us, a lot of us are excited for the PS5 & Xbox Scarlett and maybe even the Nintendo Switch Pro, however my only question that I have for this next gen is this, is Xbox finally ready to compete on an even playing field with Playstation in 2020? Because less face it, Xbox was irrelevant this gen. Facts!Look, I know for some people what I’m saying is tough to accept, unfortunately this is reality! The Xbox One and its variations was the weakest console on the market (47 million sold in 7 years), so weak to the point that it begs one to wonder, aside from the loyal elitist, who actually would buy this console when compared to its competitors? It’s clear that the PS4 and later on the Switch offered more value for your money than the “most powerful console” ever could. Just look below and you’ll see why.

Source: GameSpot

It had the most powerful console on the market, but as sales will tell you, no one was particularly interested in the console. What is the point of a beast if it can’t roar? As in, why own the most powerful console that has barely any note-worthy exclusives. That’s what I’m focusing on today. Yeah, you could say that you don’t care for exclusives, that you just want to play games in the best quality possible, but that would be you lying to yourself, because if you really were about that life, you’d either build a PC or pick up the PS4 Pro (slightly weaker but you wouldn’t’ be able to tell the difference).

If the Xbox Scarlett is to have ANY hope in competing with the juggernauts that is Playstation 4 (100m sold in 5years) successor and Nintendo Switch (38 million sold in 2 years) successor, it’s need exclusives of its own and good one’s at that. No debating it. It has to be done, otherwise we’ll have a repeat of this gen all over again. So lets see how it goes, I know Microsoft is making moves to seize the PC market, however, they need to ensure there’s something on the Scarlett to entice people to buy it.

Let me know what you guys think?

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