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I hate to be that guy but The Last Of Us 2 was originally delayed indefinitely for a reason. Prior to all of this, a part of me took it as them wanting to polish the game further. Yeah, we had the Covid-19 pandemic, but most game dev delayed their game for a month to two months at least, I don’t recall anyone indefinitely delaying their game indefinitely because of the pandemic. After the leak to place, next thing you know, it turns gold.  Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

So, given that context (or lack thereof since we don’t know the true reason), shouldn’t we be worried a bit about a potential weaker Last Us 2 now that the leaker has forced Naughty Dog’s hand much earlier than they’d like to? I’m not saying we’re going to see crazy glitches or broken save data, although that too is a possibility. The official reason for the dalye was because of logistic reasoning but even that can’t warrant full on indefinite delay.

I’m saying maybe there could’ve been vital changes Naughty Dog wanted to make to the game and now that opportunity has been prematurely robbed from them. The more I think about it, the sadder it gets! Yeah, the [redacted] is kinda bad from a narrative but damm. Or perhaps this is a fortune thing to happen to Naughty Dog’s employees. With their notorious reputation for crunch time, this could be their saving grace to be rid of the game once and for all!

All I know is that you should definitely expect a definitive edition version two years after the game’s release. Likely for the PS5 and PS4. Let me know what you guys this of this

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