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Marvel’s Planning To Replace Spider-Man With Ms.Marvel!

This was something I didn’t not expect. Apparently, they’re planning to replace Sp Spider-Man with MS Marvel. This is actually quite interesting but I don’t know why they would put so much pressure on Ms Marvel.

According to reports, Marvel has decided that they’re going to be using Ms Marvel as the replacement for Spider-Man. Now, I do like Ms. Marvel, she’s a very interesting character with some unique abilities, but I highly doubt she has the weight needed to sell as much tickets as Spiderman can. Still it does present some potential on how Ms Marvel could be the new face of MCU if they play their cards right. This young girl has some BIG ASS SPIDEY SHOES to fill. I know a lot of people in the MCU community are pretty much laughing their asses off at the mere idea of ANY B list character trying to replace Spidey, but who knows, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say they might pull it off. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you guys think of these news?


2 thoughts on “Marvel’s Planning To Replace Spider-Man With Ms.Marvel!

  1. Ms. Marvel may be the best bet Marvel has. There’s not many other options in terms of current popular teen heroes in Marvel comics that aren’t a carbon copy of another hero. She may never be as popular as Spider-Man, but most of the heroes in the MCU were largely unknown by the general public. She can be great but they put in the work.

    1. Ms Marvel wasn’t popular though. Spiderman’s off season low run was #3 on the listings. Kamala Khan’s most popular run ever was #151 on a roster of about 200 comics running at the time. She has no brand recognition, Disney has just reacquired XMen, use some of them. They at least have recognized likable teen heroes.

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