So, after that whole NBA2K20 gambling trailer came out, which promoted actual gambling, it got me thinking again on how we can stop these companies for abusing such dirty, underhanded tactics. As I pondered away, my first train of thought went towards getting the government involved to force these guys to stop promoting gambling in our games. However, I realized maybe that may not be the best approach and could in fact yield some unfavorable results!

Trust ME, I hate microtransactions & loot boxes just like the next guy but is bringing in the government to regulate our games really the best move right now. I say this because when shit goes wrong in a country, guess what the first thing they blame it on, yep you guess it, video games! So asking the government of any country to come and “regulate” our games may prove to be an even worse idea in the future. Our best and ONLY option that we have is to speak with our wallets. So simple, yet we aren’t acting on it to the fullest extent. Do you really think that companies like EA and Activision could get away with their bullshit if people stopped buying their games?


Of course not, they’d crash, burn and investor would sell their stocks in a heartbeat. That’s how we make a change. Getting the government to intervene will only prove to be a more severe blow to our freedom of expression in games. I mean think about it? A game comes out and tells a story or has a gameplay that the government doesn’t like, boom, banned! The government could also decided to create a gaming tax of sort for just owning a console at home. You think that sounds crazy right? Well, ask the British how they feel about their TV licences. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself paying for a gaming licences. No, I think it’s best if we keep the government out of this problem and deal with it ourselves.

What are your thoughts on it?

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