So we got a good old lore for Princess Hibana and why she decided to pursue a life of selfishness and research in Fire Force Episode 6.

I really liked this episode and Hibana as a character. At first I thought she was just some crazy girl who enjoys torturing others for her own selfish gain but when you start to see what spurred her on to this path, you can’t help but somewhat understand her point of view. I mean, she does make some points on how all the sisters who prayed and revered the flames to be a gift from this Sol god, but all of them ended up getting burned by those very flames, which lead her to questioning the purpose of this flames. Her abilities were pretty cool too.


For a while I just assumed that all the flame-wielding third generations can only manifest red flames, but Hibana mastery of fire goes beyond that and she can make different types flames, all thanks to her brilliant knowledge of science. Even though she lost, which I call BS on considering she was holding back, I’m really hoping to see more of her as the anime goes on. She’s taken a fancy on Shinra so I’m certain she’ll be making regular visits whenever she can. Also, the ending scene of Obi preparing to come charging in with bazookas and all these other weapons was funny to me, all in the end to be denied that chance. Overall, it was a good episode. We didn’t get close to finding out why people turn into flames but we did get a more understanding on how these events are affecting people on a psychological level.

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