A long time ago I talked about a game called LEAP, 2D online multiplayer battle arena platformer that’s developed by ICS Studios and have been following the development process of that game since then. Well today, we finally got to see what the game has evolved into and the official name for the game. I must say, I’m impressed!

So here’s the descriptions of the game:


  • Multiplayer Action RPG Game.
  • Set in a Science Fantasy world called Edo.
  • Every conflict is an intense champloo of:
    • Power Of The Unknown
    • The Samurai Power Fantasy
    • Over The Top Action
  • Defined characters with their own special abilities, personalities, motives and goals
  • The game will be asymmetrical in the sense that each samurai will be different and unique and aims for a classless system that will allow you to customize your samurai to your play-style.


The devs held a grand teaser livestream to unveil and talk about the game in greater detail, in which they talked about the game, the characters and the world itself. I’m very impressed with how the game has developed over the years and how much lore has been added to Samurai Zero.

On top of that, Neo Interactive also plans to create dynamic events and a living story, to which our impact could change the course of the world. One thing that sets the characters apart from other games, is that the characters will change and evolve as the game grows.

For example, one characters initial goal could be to kill his rival in order to avenge his clan but as the game gets updates, the ambition might change to saving that very person due to character development. That’s my understanding of it while watching the stream.

Now, of course what caught my attention in the first place was the multiplayer aspect. Hearing how they’ve improved that aspect, with dash cancels, mystical powers and over the top combos really sounds promising. The game will have 1v1 mode and team modes too so that’s good to hear. Of course, with any indie game, we gotta take everything shown and told to us with a grain of salt until we see some extended gameplay footage. Anyways, here’s the Twitch livestream of the devs of Neo Interactive talking about the game.

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