I know I’m late for the review but you know the saying. Anyways episode 2 really got the engine started with Emma and Norman trying their best to not let Mom know that they know about their circumstances.

Emma and Norman spend their day preparing for their escape, and now that we know the truth about Mom and the faith of the children, there’s this eerie feeling throughout the episode. I was impressed with both Emma and Norman composure when they came into the hall in the morning, keeping cool and playing the same game that Mom is playing. After breakfast, Emma and Norman explored their options for their escape.

We soon learn that it not as easy as they thought. It’s funny that beyond the small gate, was an even bigger gate that was 2 – 3 meters in depth and a good 5 – 10 meters tall. Climbing it at their current state is impossible. Afterwards, when they bell rang we learn that Mom has some type of tracking device that lets her find the kids at anytime. Man, the faces that Mom makes are damm near creepy and amazing at the same time. The mind games going on now is intense as heck and there’s no doubt that’s it’s about to get more intense.

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An example of this was when Mom confronted Emma to ask why she hasn’t been happy. That was incredible an intense tense moment for both Emma and the viewers, but Emma pulled through and kept the facade of happiness going. However, she slipped up in my opinion. The first slip up was standing in that corridor saying Connie’s name, and second was asking about Connie. I also think that the tracking device implanted in them could also show the stress level of the kids, so staying calm is vital. Now Mom knows or at the very least suspects them of leaving the orphanage that day.

That confrontations really took a toll on them too. After they get those extra clothing to make that rope, Ray finally joins the party. After a bit of a bickering with Ray making a logical plan and Emma wanting to save everyone, their discussion was cut brief with Mom introducing Sister Krone to the mix. This unforeseen circumstance has made things even more interesting. I’m really starting to get hyped just to see how the kids will overcome this obstacle.

Overall, the episode was good. I really liked the OST they used during the intense moments and I can’t wait to see more.

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