So word on these cyber street is that Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, is planning on working on a continuation of the series that ignores Paul Feig’s female-led reboot, instead focusing on four teens and will actually continue the story of  the 1984’s Ghostbusters and the 1989 sequel. To be quite honest, that sounds perfectly fine to me, however you can imagine this isn’t sitting well with some people right now.

What prompted me to even talk about this whole Ghostbuster ordeal was in fact Leslie Jones who had this to say on Twitter:

Now, this is where I pretty much replied to her tweet saying this:


OK to be fair that response of mine may not have painted the most accurate picture of what I was trying to say, so that is why I wanted to go even further beyond and elaborate on this whole Ghostbusters mess as the SJW and feminist group (not all of them of course) have begun this weird campaign of claiming that the industry and fans are disrespecting the film achievements on the premise that it involve women. With notable accounts like Netflix CA making statements like:

It kinda paints a certain narrative that I don’t like. Look, the Ghostbusters reboot wasn’t inherently a complete disaster, however you can’t deny that it wasn’t received very well either. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter reported back in 2016 that the divisive all-female remake posted a $US70 million loss. Right now, it’s sitting in at a 51% in the AUDIENCE SCORE. Taking all of this into account, it’s no wonder why Ivan Reitman went with his decision that he did.

Fans of this series don’t want a sequel to the reboot. I get it, it will piss off the actors like Leslie, but the truth of the matter is, despite how all these liberal accounts are forcefully praising the movie, in reality the movie barely reaches mediocrity. It also has a lot to do with how they marketed this movie before its premiere. There was a lot of preachiness involved and they painted anyone who criticized the movie as misogynist, despite those criticism for the most part being fair. Not to mention the big marketing spend involved to combat the backlash they got. It’s all a big mess that has left a stain on the IP.

These things still linger with the movie, so Hollywood probably thought it be best to avoid it completely in my opinion. I get it too, Leslie suffered a horrific racist abuse from Twitter and the other ladies face similar online abuse. It’s gotta sting to see your movie denied a possible sequel like that. Like I said in my response, people don’t want to watch a film motivated by a political agenda, they want to watch a good movie that tells a good story, with memorable cast. Unlike the open letters being sent from people like Hannah Woodhead, who argues in a piece she wrote for the London-based film magazine Little White Lies that nostalgia plays a heavy role in Hollywood for not being brave enough to tackle the challenges, I’d  still argue against it in this case. I ain’t denying that Hollywood has been on a reboot crusade for a while now but, what’s most important here is the story.

And trust me, people don’t care about the gender, I mean take Wonder Woman for example, that movie is close to breaking a billion in the box office. Money talks, and that reboot wan’t talking loud enough to be heard. That’s business for ya!

Anyways, let me know your thoughts on this.

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