If you remember a while back, I talked about The Dragon Prince getting its own game that ties in and expands the lore of world. Well, now we have some more information about the game and I’m starting to like what I’m hearing.screen_shot_2018_09_21_at_12.55.36_pm.0

According to Vice:

  • The game will be based on the show, taking place in the lands the show has explored before, but it won’t be rehashing The Dragon Prince’s narrative. Don’t expect the kind of game that retells the main plot. It should be considered a “world expansion,” according to Richmond.
  • It will be combat-based and multiplayer, but not an MMO (a massively multiplayer online game like World of Warcraft or Fortnite)
  • You can choose which character from The Dragon Prince that you wish to play as. There will be a range of characters to choose from—some of whom we haven’t met in the show yet, but we’ll see in season two.
  • Each playable character has an array of move sets that reflect their abilities in The Dragon Prince. Viren, for example, will possess certain moves that are dark magic based, while Rayla will have certain agility based moves and Amaya will have blocking based moves. As a result, character selection requires a bit of strategy, because character abilities are complementary and you want to build a good team.
  • Characters will all have an “ultimate”—and extremely powerful move that can only be used when it has been charged up.
  • No release date or information about the game’s official platform has been announced yet.

I’ve already grown fond of the world of The Dragon Prince and so I really liking what I’ve read about this game so far. Whether it ends up been good remains to be seen but at least they’re avoiding the route that leads to many of these movies and Tv games failure. As long as the gameplay holds up and they have a lot of characters to choose from, I’m down for this game. It’s a shame though that they aren’t doing any character creation but in this case it makes sense as it’s part of the narrative and lore of the Netflix show. Now about the multiplayer. My first thought was a combat-based multiplayer which I think the game will have, but the main focus will probably be co-operation which is cool too.

In fact adding a character creation in this case would undermine the lore. Anyways, I’m hyped up for this game. What are your thoughts on it?

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