Well, it’s official! Microsoft wins the case against FTC to buy Activision Blizzard, meaning it’s another studio under Microsoft’s wing. Many Xbox fans are happy, while some are concerned about the prospect of Blizzard’s games.

Microsoft’s merger with Activision would be the biggest deal of its kind in gaming industry history. Shares in Activision have already surged more than 10% from the announcement.

This is a major win for Microsoft, which has been trying to keep up with market leaders PlayStation and Nintendo, albeit with little success over the past few years now. I have been saying that Xbox offered next to partially no reason to purchase an Xbox, and its only saving grace has been its game pass. However now, things have certainly changed with this deal in place.

By investing heavily in game studios, Microsoft’s plan is to encourage and entice players to finally have a valid d reason to buy an Xbox console. Not only that, but it would also keep Playstation from slacking off, offering healthy competition. In my opinion anyways. Activision Blizzard is responsible for titles such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, Diablo & World of Warcraft, and also owns King, the mobile games developer responsible for Candy Crush.

Arguing on the side of regulators, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan had said in a video deposition that Microsoft would be likely to restrict access to the series for PlayStation users, as one would expect, or offer them a degraded version. However, Microsoft said it had offered a 10-year licensing agreement to Sony for the game and argued that it would make no financial sense to restrict access to such a massive following.

“Our merger will benefit consumers and workers. It will enable competition rather than allow entrenched market leaders to continue to dominate our rapidly growing industry,”

Bobby Kotick, chief executive of Activision Blizzard.

I understand that games are rightfully concerned with this acquisition, but that is the reality of the business world. Microsoft, left with virtually no option in its ability to compete did what it thought would help them, and that was to buy out the competition. Now, all that’s left now is to see what they’ll do with that studio, because if they still can’t produce games that people will want to buy a console over, then honestly at that point it’s best to hang up the cloak and retire.

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