It seems the flames for Scalebound haven’t died out just yet as an interview from IGN Japan with Hideki Kamiya reveals the desire the make Scalebound happen!

According to the paragraph here, taken from the interview (excuse the rough translation)

Recently, there have been major movements in the market such as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but it is at this timing that the collaboration title “Scalebound” with Microsoft, which had been discontinued before, will be re-challenged and self-published. Do you think that it will be revived as?

Inaba: Kamiya says he wants to do “Scalebound” all the time. Kamiya and I really want to do it, not a beautiful feeling like “If I have a chance someday”. So I want to talk with Microsoft properly.

Kamiya: There are quite a few deliverables, and Microsoft has no choice but to do something about it (laughs) Phil! Let’s do it together!

――Thank you for answering about various titles. Is there a game genre you would like to make in the future?

Honestly, I hope they do make it happen as Scalebound was such a unique idea for a game and is something I would like to see come to light.

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