Welcome back to another installement of webtoon highlight, where I share with you webtoons that have caught my eye! Today, we’re looking at Jupiter-Men, a super-hero action webtoon, soon-to-be Webtoon Original!

Twins Quintin and Jackie have to take over the superhero duties of their city’s legendary and mysterious hero, Jupiter-Man, after he suddenly disappears. They thought that would mean stopping petty crimes, but they weren’t prepared for Jupiter-Man’s true job: fighting monsters, stopping magical disasters, policing interdimensional beings, and taking down super villains!? Will the twins survive long enough to find Jupiter-Man or will they crumble under the weight of their new responsibilities!?

I found this webtoon through the CanvasWeek event and I’m glad that I did! The quality of this webtoon is really good but what carried it to greatness was the main characters, Quintin and Jackie! I got such an old-school Disney vibe from both of them, and I really enjoyed their personalities! Their relationship as twins brother/sister dynamic had a wholesome approach to it that made it all the more engaging to follow. Not to mention the overall premise of monsters coming from multiple dimensions. That actually ties into their powers, as each power we’ll see represents a race of aliens, so I’m really excited to see how the author will explore this narrative.

Jupiter-Men is doing so well that they’ve been picked up as a webtoon original so it will be a while before we get an update but for now, there’s 15+ episode you can enjoy right now until it comes back. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

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