Listen, just like everyone else, I was very surprised that Angrboða was portrayed as an African girl. God Of War so far has done a really good job in trying to portray the Greeks and Norse gods as close to their mythos as possible, taking liberty only when needed, which comes to play later on. Even Thor finally looks closer to how he is described in his mythos. So when Angrboða showed up, people had questions. And know, asking questions doesn’t make you a racist. Yes, “some” people had issues we know, but others were just curious, as was I. Nevertheless, I think Angrboða design was done intentionally to create a bridge to the next pantheons, the Egyptian Gods.

Our first clue lies with Atreus, aka Loki in the game. Think of it this way, Loki in his mythos is the son of Fárbauti (a jötunn) and Laufey (mentioned as a goddess), and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Not the son of Kratos, God of War. Yet, he is in the game! That alone would have told many fans that we are not going on a 1:1 with the mythos of the Norse mythology. Which again was the sole reason why Kratos even ended up in the Norse world in the first place, his connection with Atreus’s mother.

Second is Tyr, who throughout the game has been said to have traveled across realms. This fact has been hammered to us the moment we heard his name. Trusted by the giants, Tyr traveled to other pantheon realms in order to make peace. So it is possible for other pantheons to show up in the Norse world and take another name. For what reason, we don’t know! Heck, we still don’t know what Atreus’s mother’s whole plan is.

That’s why I don’t believe Angrboða being of African descent was a mere race swap. With the number of hints of other pantheons hinted in the game, Egyptians being the most hinted since the first game, I believe that Angrboða/Angrboda may be a goddess/mortal/something that came from the Egyptian pantheon who crossed the realms and assumed the name Angrboða or Angrboda, which opens the doors for them to head to the Egyptians world for any reason they want.

Loki’s origin isn’t accurate in the game, so why should Angrboða’s be at this point. If a Greek god can marry a Norse giant, then why can’t a half greek god/ half-giant get together with an “allegedly” half Norse/ half or full Egyptian goddess. And given that they chose to make Thor look like his mythos description, it only strengthens my theory. Still, if this is true, then I am hyped AF!

Anyways, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments

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