I’ll admit it, I went into this with a bit of a higher expectation. I saw Marvel, I saw the X-men and I was hyped. However, as soon as the game came on screen, all that hype literally washed away!

So we finally got to see the first gameplay for Marvel Midnight Suns and honestly, as soon as I saw those graphics and that Card-driven combat gameplay I was out. When I saw it I honestly thought this was a mobile game. It showed a hand of cards positioned along the bottom of the user interface and it seems that you don’t even get to choose what cards you can put on your characters. The video went on to detail how those abilities are gained, upgraded, and combined with other heroes’ moves. I don’t know, to me, this feels like it could open that pandora’s box we all fear. Honestly, compared to the XCOM series, this game’s maps seem much smaller and flatter.

However, maybe it was just me and many fans of the Xcom series and Marvel IP who found some joy from this but for me, this wasn’t it. Judge for yourself, and let me know what you guys think!

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