Twitch’s Hot tub meta hype is one that is heavily contested at all times! One side arguing that its streams are against Twitch ToS, while the other side saying that if you’re against it, then you’re against Sex Work or you hate women! Yes, these kinds of rebuttals have been made! And given that Twitch is more or less turning a blind eye to these streams, with the occasional ban here and there if the content becomes “too” raunchy, it gives off this impression that Twitch is likely OK with these Hot Tube streams. Now then, let’s throw a wrench into this discussion. What happens if a minor (a child under the age of 18) decides to join the trend?

I mean, Twitch would then have their hands tied! Twitch’s policy explicitly allows swimwear when it’s in the appropriate context (like the beach or the pool), so the “hot tub meta” technically is be allowed because of that loop, but it’ll be different if a young child decides to partake in such activity because let’s face it, there’s only one reason these hot tub meta are so popular. Then what? If the said child follows all the rules and jumps around in a pool in swimwear, would Twitch allow that? Think about it this way, potential pedophiles can interact and donate to this child, getting them to do certain acts, putting that child in danger. Why do you think YouTube doesn’t allow comments on videos that have kids in them. It was once a major problem that finally was addressed. Twitch is live so stopping comments is virtually impossible.

I know advertisers will feel different about it if they know, find out or assume that grown men and women are watching children in swimwear, imitating their grown counterparts hot tub meta, and receiving comments, suggestive comments from them! I can see it now, Amazon ad plays on a young child stream with pedos waiting to send their money and talk very seductively to them. And the child, unaware, play along thinking they’re popular now. Not a good look huh? “But Twitch does ban these streams”, yes when they don’t have a choice!

Many will likely point to the recent ban of streamer ExoHydraX, who partook in this hot tub meta! When I looked at her stream (for research purposes of course), I saw no difference between what she was doing and what others like popular streamer Amouranth would do! It’s all the same, “hot” girls, in swimwear, doing barely sfw activity. If I were to take an educated guess as to why ExoHydraX got banned, is because of her body and not her race like she claims! She took the already controversial hot tub meta and push it to its limit, making Twitch nervous and forcing their hands in banning her! That and she’s got a massive booty, which doesn’t help, not her fault of course but this is our reality. Here’s an example:

Most of the streamers who participate in this meta, often just sit there and talk, ride an erect object (banana, pickle rick, etc) and write the donor’s name of the object or their body, and changing bikinis! Now, yes ExoHydraX did do the most, but let’s be real, does that mean the other version of this meta is any better? Any reasonable, function human being with an above room temperature IQ, will tell you what these streams are truly all about! Twitch made it clear that its ToS was meant for beaches where you’d likely have no choice due to the warm weather, not be at home in your bikini!

Anyways, this goes back to my point, if a child were to now participate in this meta, doing the exact same as streamers such as Amouranth who seems to be doing it the “right” way, would Twitch be OK with it? And if those who argue that this is a part of sex work, and hating on it is hating on this kind of work, are we condoning minors doing sex work too? And if the child is then banned, does that mean that Twitch is knowingly allowing suggestive streams of their platforms? You see how complicated things get when you don’t enforce your own ToS! I have nothing against the ladies I brought up, there were just examples to help illustrate my point!

Twitch is legitimately opening itself up for a possible advertisers exodus, and something like this will harm those who are genuinely putting in the effort to build a brand. These are my opinion, let me know what you think of this?

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