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Look, I don’t want to say it but come on! When fan games for Sonic the Hedgehog, like Sonic Omens look this good, you gotta wonder what Sega is really doing. Or if they even care to make a decent Sonic game anymore! OK, of course, I’m not saying “hire this man” or that they don’t care, I’m just salty because I haven’t gotten the Sonic game I wanted. Ignore my rant, it’s been a long wait for this Sonic game!

Sonic Omens is a fan game that tells the story of why chaos emeralds are no longer used in recent Sonic games. What events took place after Sonic Unleashed before Sonic Lost World, which prevents the characters from using chaos emeralds? It’s an interesting take on trying to explain the gap that actually happened in the canon Sonic franchise, but what’s more impressive is the delivery of the narrative, cutscenes, tone, and the utilization of the fan-made Infinity Engine I praised a while back.

Honestly, it takes the boost follows and takes away the on-rail feel of it and it works, somewhat. The game’s presentation is phenomenal, and while playing it, it reminded me of all the reasons why I love Sonic so much! It’s worth checking out!

Also here’s a video (not by me) that highlights the game!

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