All of us are in search of our desired anime waifu ever since we got addicted to anime. We have prepared a list of Top 5 anime Waifus that are considered the most lovable Waifus of all time.

5. Fuuka Akitsuki

Fuuka Akitsuki is the main heroine of the anime Fuuka. She has short blue hair and cute sky blue eyes. She has a great voice for which she is often praised.

(Image From Zerochan)

Fuuka meets Yuu Haruna, the main protagonist of the anime. She is very energetic and wishes to become the vocalist of a popular band.

Yuu gets attracted to Fuuka due to her enchanting voice and charming personality which she possesses. Her most favorite band is called Hedgehogs.

She is always cheerful but she can clumsy sometimes which adds to her character and makes it another thing to love.

She forms her band named “The Fallen Moon” the band gets insanely popular.

Fuuka is loved by her fans due to her melodious voice and her cute personality. She is worthy of being called waifu material by her fans in the anime community.

Her true grace lies in her loyalty and determination.

4. Teresa Wagner

Teresa Wagner is the main heroine from the anime Tada-Kun Never Falls In Love. She has gorgeous blonde hair and shining green eyes. Her ponytail hairstyle looks amazing on her. 

(Image From Lost in Anime)

Teresa has a very humble and reliable personality. She meets Mitsuyoshi Tada, the main protagonist of the series. Mitsuyoshi gets mesmerized by Teresa’s beauty and her lovable personality.

She loves Japanese traditions and coffee which is available in the restaurant of Tada-Kun. She is accompanied by Alexandra Magritte also called “Alec” by Teresa.

She loves the Japanese drama named “Rainbow Shogan” and often mimics this famous dialogue of the drama.

“Always make your heart a rainbow”

Teresa is loved by her fans due to her honest emotions and sense of responsibility. She is a very well-written character, all her qualities make her a perfect waifu.

The anime features her stunning character design and visuals. The real beauty of her character lies in her ability to acknowledge her emotions and responsibilities.

3.  Mai Sakurajima 

Mai Sakurajima is the main heroine of the anime Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai. She has dazzling long black hair with violet eyes.

(Image from Pinterest)

Mai has a serious personality, she is can be described as a “Tsundere” character (a character whose attitude is cold in the beginning but starts changing into a warm and kind attitude over time).

Her famous quote is:-

“You’re having Lewds thoughts, aren’t you?”

Mai meets Sakuta Azusagawa the main protagonist of the anime. Mai has been going through Puberty Syndrome (abnormal experiences caused sensitivity and instability during adolescence) and Sakuta helps Mai to get rid of it.

She also takes care of Sakuta’s little sister Kaede Azusagawa. She gives her cute outfits as a present.

She is called “Mai-san” by Sakuta. Mai-san is loved by her fans due to her tsundere personality and cute behavior. 

Mai-San is also called “Bunny Girl” because she was wandering around someday wearing a bunny girl outfit. Her fans are extremely obsessed with her stunning bunny girl look.

Her true appeal lies in her kind and caring hidden self. She is called a perfect waifu by the anime community.

2. Yukino Yukinoshita

Yukino Yukinoshita is the main heroine of the anime My Teen Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected. She has long black hair and sky blue eyes.

(Image From Pinterest)

She has a twisted personality full of pride and intelligence. She is called “Ice Queen” due to her unsocial and ice-cold personality. She is perfect in everything but she fails to fit in the social groups of high school.

She is the president of the “Service Club”. She meets Hikigaya Hachiman,  the protagonist of the anime. He is also unsocial and considers youth an evil thing. She is also friends with Yuighama Yui, a member of the “Service Club”.

Yukino goes through huge character development as the series progresses. She is loved by her fans due to her stunning look and sarcastic humor. Her fans are also obsessed with her due to her caring and adorable personality, calling her a waifu will not be an understatement. We all could use a waifu like her in our lives and to fix that problem, Waifu For Laifu body pillows brings us comfortable and warm anime waifu body pillows.

 The best traits of her personality are responsibility and kindness. Her famous quote is:-

“People who don’t work hard don’t have the right to be envious of the people with talent. People fail because they don’t understand the hard work necessary to be successful.

1. Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa is the main heroine of the anime Maid Sama. She has stunning black hair with brownish amber eyes.

(Image From Pinterest)

She is the president of the student council of Seika High School. She is called “Demon President” by the boys of the school.

In Seika High School girls are oppressed by boys but when Misaki becomes president she turned things around and ended the oppression.

She belongs to a poor family because her father left her family with huge debt. Misaki works part-time as a maid in the cafe Maid Latte. 

She meets Usui Takumi the protagonist of the series. Misaki kept her part-time job hidden from everyone but Usui finds out about her part-time job, but instead of revealing it he keeps it a secret and started teasing Misaki from time to time.

Misaki is not a genius by birth, she had to work very hard to reach top grades in school. She is loved by her fans due to her “Tsundere” personality and cute reactions. She is considered a perfect waifu in the anime community.

Her famous quote is:-

“Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel lonely when you leave me, why are you….the only one causing me so much confusion”

She is a well-executed character with a distinctive personality and a kind heart.

So that was our list guys, we hope you found a waifu in one of these characters which we mentioned in our list.


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